John Keith Johnson


John was born in Shreveport, La.

While growing up in Shreveport, La. John was exposed to Top 40 radio at an early age, which helped to develop his ear for the craft of songwriting. He loved discovering who wrote the songs he'd hear by visiting his local downtown record store "Stan's Records" with his dad on the weekend. 

John would rush right to the bins and shelves to locate albums and read the producer and songwriter credits.

He would go on to become fascinated with writers such as Carole King, Lieber and Stoller, Burt Bacharach, The Beatles,

 Rod Temperton, Elton John and Billy Joel to name a few.

Starting out  on the Cello at age 9 in Orchestra class, John began to learn how to read music and play the Cello but drew bored with it after just one year. By age 11,  John's dad purchased his first $100.00 dollar guitar and John would purchase chord and scale books with his allowance money and began teaching himself the guitar and three years later piano.

By the age of 16, John helped develop and played in several local cover bands in his hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana.

After growing tired of playing covers and wanting to express himself creatively through original songs, John and two friends formed an original group called "Shyy".

In 1986, the group entered two of their songs in a songwriting competition sponsored by Budweiser, an uptempo written by the group and a ballad written by John and the group won the grand prize which lead them to signing a publishing deal with a subsidiary label of MCA records, which caused them to move to Atlanta, Georgia in 1987 to write and record songs for the groups debut album which was to be released on MCA records.

While writing new material to submit to be reviewed and accepted for the group's debut album, the band needed additional income other than the bi-weekly, sometimes monthly advances they would receive from the label.

One of John's bandmates landed a gig playing keyboards for legendary R&B artist "Millie Jackson" and soon after discovered she was looking for a rhythm guitarist.  He setup an audition for John and he got the gig and to make a long story short, he and his bandmate would go on to record  a live album with Ms. Jackson and tour the United States and abroad for the next four years.

During that time, the label hired "Keni Burke" from the legendary group "The Five Stairsteps" to produce the group.

Becoming one of Mr. Burke's favorites to work with, John would go on to gain a great deal of knowledge about music production/songwriting.

Due to creative differences and staff changes at the label, unfortunately the group disbanded in 1989 never releasing any music or having any major success as a band.

Since 1990, John has been helping to develop Independent recording artist and has continued to write songs.   He has developed a massive catalogue with well over 1000 titles and counting which led him to start his own production/publishing company "John Keith Johnson Music Publishing LLC. in 2006.  He's had some success licensing titles to music users in the Advertisement, Film & TV industry and is currently studying Graphic Design and Music Supervision while running the day-to-day operations of his company.